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Used and Refurbished Amazon Kindle

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The Amazon Kindle comes in a number of different formats, each one geared to a specific type of tablet user. If you don’t want to pay top dollar for your Amazon Kindle tablet then come along to Cell Phone City and get more for your money without compromising on quality.

Get More for You Money When You Buy a

Refurbished Kindle


For the book lovers among you a refurbished Kindle can be a great way to grow your book collection without having to fill entire rooms with books! The 250MB of internal storage even in the most basic of Kindles provides you with enough space for enough books to keep you going for several weeks! Every Kindle comes with additional SD storage just in case you run out though. The 6” screen combined with the very low weight of 10.3oz makes the basic Kindle perfect to take with you when you just don’t have the space for that extra book. The 600 x 800 resolution of the E-Ink screen is perfect for providing book-like text and with 4 grayscale levels you will almost feel like you are reading the real thing as with no bright active illumination your eyes can stay relaxed and comfortable while you read the latest gripping novel, or one of your old favorites.

Upgrade Your Kindle Experience When You Buy

Used Kindle


While an e-book reader will provide you with weeks of reading pleasure, you may find that you want more out of your Kindle than just a book reader. Therefore you can easily upgrade to a Kindle Fire, which offers you a bigger 7” screen with a resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels. You also get a great 8GB of internal storage to reflect the additional functionality. You can transfer content using either WiFi 802.11 b/g/n or via the USB port. The Android operating system provides you with a great interface to pick up the latest music. The Kindle Fire supports MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and MIDI files, so you can guarantee to be able to play your favorite music as well as the latest tunes. The MP4 and VP8 player also gives you the opportunity to play movies too. If you’re concerned about the cost, then come along to Cell Phone City and check out the great deals and buy Amazon tablet or other refurbished devices!

What Are The Benefits of Buying A

Kindle Refurbished


The biggest benefit to you is obviously the low cost of buying your device compared to buying it new. You can save up to a massive 75% when you buy refurbished tablets at Cell Phone City! This means that you can upgrade your devices for a fraction of the cost you were expecting. Another benefit is that here at Cell Phone City we are committed to recycling as many devices as possible so that they do not end up in the trash polluting the environment. So if you are looking to upgrade the latest, all singing, all dancing Kindle Fire that offers you GSM connectivity as well as the usual Wi-Fi with even more great features and apps, then you should make your first stop Cell Phone City to see what great offers we have for you on our website today.

So start your upgrade for less today by coming along to Cell Phone City now to see all of our latest offers!

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