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: Make Your Routine Fun with Cell Phone City

BlackBerry has brought a whole new dimension to their line of smartphones. With their fresh and innovative styling, this line of used smartphones from Cell Phone City could set a new trend by adding a bit of fun to our ordinary days.

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Used Blackberry Bold

Keeps You on Your Game

BlackBerry Bold's family of smartphones are brimming with features for the business professional and the novice user alike. For starters, this refurbished BlackBerry smartphone comes with a 2.8 inch TFT electrically charged touchscreen with an optical trackpad; making the screen highly sensitive and responsive to your multitasking needs. It has its own proprietary, upgradeable operating system - BlackBerry 7.0 carried by the QUALCOMM 8655 chipset at 1.2 GHz. The GPS tracking is supported by many sensors as well as BlackBerry Maps. For your corporate support, the messaging options are supported with tools such as: SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, and Instant Messaging. (GSMArena) Your alerting capacities can be as simple as vibrations to the complex options downloadable to your MP3 ringtones. This used smartphone from Cell Phone City is powerful enough to handle all your business needs and keeps you running on all cylinders.


Refurbished Blackberry Bold

Offers Cutting Edge Technology

When you need to stay in touch with friends, business colleagues, and family, a refurbished BlackBerry Z doesn't hold you back. While communicating important information back to your team at the office or to your team at home, the predictive text input helps keep your spelling and punctuation in check when you are on the go. View documents using the Document Viewer App, stay organized with the Organizer App, use the Voice Memo tool to jot down your thoughts in between stops, or even listen to your favorite song with the built-in MP3 player. It's all backed up by a battery that gives you at least 300 plus hours of standby time, up to 6 hours of talk time, and if you are really up to listening to a lot of music, get up and dance to over 50 hours of music play.(GSMarena)


Blackberry Bold Used

- Still One of the Best Deals on the Net

BlackBerry withstands the test of time and is appreciated by users of all ages. Once seen as a favorite amongst seasoned smartphone users, BlackBerry and Cell Phone City are now reaching out to current and new generations. This used BlackBerry is the only smartphone on the market that still has a full QWERTY keyboard making typing so much faster for some of its users. Choosy smartphone connoisseurs really love BlackBerry phones, but are often turned away by the high price tag attached to their new devices. Cell Phone City neutralizes any concerns by selling refurbished smartphone at prices that are hard to beat. As a matter of fact, some refurbished smartphones are sold up to 75% off. All with a works like new quality guarantee and a thorough double check of all products prior to selling on their website.This user-friendly, newly designed, and recently refurbished device is can be experienced in a whole new way.

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