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: Classic Security and a Better Deal From Cell Phone City

For years BlackBerry has in a sense been catching up, but finally offers some cutting edge technology in an attractive package. (TechRadar) Cell Phone City blends the classic with the contemporary with the refurbished smartphones from BlackBerry.

Used BlackBerry Phones

are Perfectly Suited for Business and Pleasure

Rooted in business branding and security (, the BlackBerry is making a comeback. BlackBerry rivals its competitors with communications features and entertainment packs, while at the same time providing the quality, consistency, and the security that BlackBerry users count on. Classic and convenient features include: communication apps like email, text, social networking, and BlackBerry Messenger (instant messaging app just for your BlackBerry smartphone); entertainment packs like the BlackBerry Hub that syncs your music, photos, and videos with PC or Mac. Connect with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or use your BlackBerry smartphone as a tethered modem. Download hundreds of productivity apps, games, and entertainment options from the BlackBerry World storefront. These refurbished smartphones run on BlackBerry's proprietary operating system and are upgradeable, updateable, and functional. Cell Phone City has refurbished BlackBerry Zs that have been fully inspected and are ready for sale at an unbelievable savings.

Express Your Personal Style with

Refurbished Blackberry Phones

At first glance, the BlackBerry and its smaller than typical screen might look unusual in today's widely seen assortment of smartphones. Don't let its compact size fool you. Good things come in small packages. BlackBerry has always been known for its full QWERTY keyboard and its excellent sound quality; allowing for smoother typing and calls that are pleasant to the ear. Now packed in a 4.6 ounce, manageable yet sturdy shell, this refurbished unit still holds an array of features that fit your lifestyle. It comes with a 5 megapixel, LED flash camera, with feature options such as geotagging, face detection, and image stabilization. Though the screen is only 2.8 inches wide, it is featured with a highly responsive touch screen and optical track pad. (GSMArena) Refurbished iPhones and BlackBerry phones from Cell Phone City are no different, with quality and workability you can trust.


Used Blackberry Phone

is a Traditional Favorite – Now Less Expensive

Cell Phone City prides itself on inspecting and fine-tuning all used products that enter its facility. All refurbished smartphones and tablets are guaranteed to work like new or your money back. Products are not displayed on their website until they are certified by professionals and ready to work for the new owner of these refurbished devices. With the line of BlackBerry smartphones, Cell Phone City combines the consistency of its past with the energy of the future. These refurbished smartphones fit perfectly into a suit pocket, pants pocket, purse, or wallet, and is rugged enough to withstand just about anything the day has in store. Let go of your old beliefs about buying used products! With a price that's hard to beat, the proven craftsmanship of the BlackBerry brand and Cell Phone City's full inspection there is no need to worry. From classic to contemporary, new to used, these refurbished BlackBerry devices are worth your consideration.

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